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Thai Language for Foreigners

   Call us : 081 848 3057 

*Learning Thai can be a challenging but fun process*

Below is what we provide


1.   For Beginners: Our Thai for Beginners classes will be conducted in English.
                            Our method of teaching includes using body language,pictures,
                            and video clips to explain the material.
      For Intermediate/Advanced: The Lessons will be conducted in Thai except
                                                 when English is needed to clarify a point. Our
                                                 method of teaching includes using body
                                                 language, pictures, and video clips to explain
                                                 the material.
2.   Every student will take a pre-test before starting the course in order to access
      their Thai level. They will also take a post-test to access how much they have
      learned after completion of the course.
3.   Every student will learn basic reading Thai; Thai alphabet sounds, vowel
      sounds, and tonation(all of the 5 tones). This helps students pronounce Thai
      words clearly and correctly.
4.   We can provide online lessons for those students who can read and write
     Thai/Type Thai (Communication will be done through Skype).
5.   The courses are also designed for learners who want to take the Thai
      Comprehensive exams (Covers all the 4 skills).
Current Teaching Courses


1. Thai for Beginners (Conversation, Reading, Writing)


2. Thai for Intermediate (Conversation, Reading, Writing)


3. Thai for Advanced Learners (Conversation, Reading, Writing)


4. Thai for Any situation


# This Month Promotion (One Price for All Courses) #
Number of students in class
Price (Baht)/person/hour
1 500
3 250

   * All courses can be started at any time.


More information and details can be asked for via email ( or phone (081-848-3057)